About the Show

True Tail is a 2D animated series, whose unique art style and fantastical stories are fun for the whole family, but will primarily appeal to a 6-11 year-old male and female audience. It is animated using Flash Puppets, with an art style based on simple shapes, that makes its characters fun to watch and easy to draw. The show is geared towards the importance of family. It understands that families provide a setting for much of the growth we experience in life. Throughout the show, our characters love, learn and teach each other. They share their joys and their sorrows, and over time come to realize that even though having a family presents them with difficult challenges, it also gives them the strength to succeed.

True Tail is currently in production by the creative team of Skynamic Studios. Here is the official trailer for True Tail.

Story Synopsis

Our tale begins in the fantastical medieval world of Splitpaw, a land inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Fortune and adventure await those that are willing to claim it! But there is a darkness festering within the land, casting a shadow over any would-be heroes.

We follow the adventures of Caleb Truetail, an orphaned kitten looking for a family, who finds one in the most unlikely of places: a group of mercenaries. Accustomed to working alone, and willing to sell their services to the highest bidder, these mercenaries find themselves being forced to team up in order to obtain an artifact for an evil cockatrice. Will this group of rowdy "heroes" overcome their flaws and work together? Or will they succumb to the treacherous plans of Eldritch the Necromancer?

Monthly Poll

Besides the lute and other similar string instruments, what other musical instruments do you think Melody will most likely play in the series out of this selection?

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